We provide our clients with quality engineering consultancy services. With specialist expertise in asset introduction and lifecycle management, quality assurance services, maintenance optimisation and depot continuous improvement projects, we can support our clients with even the most complex challenges.

We deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest standards whilst adhering to all applicable industry standards and regulations. Whatever your requirements, we can help.

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A bit of background

Encompass Engineering was established in 2007 to deliver exceptional client service with an unrelenting focus on value creation, innovation, operational excellence and quality.

That’s exactly what we’ve been providing our customers for the past 17 years.

We provide customers with a specialist team of skilled engineers and project managers that slot into their existing project teams. And with our customer-first approach, we get the opportunity to really understand our customer’s needs and deliver a more customer-focused service.

Meet the team

Photo of Daniel Stephens

Daniel Stephens

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Gabriela Botha

Gabriela Botha

Engineering Project Manager

Photo of Matthew Bagshawe

Matthew Bagshawe

Senior Project Engineer

Photo of Ema Chillingworth

Ema Chillingworth

Project Engineer

Photo of Clive Davis

Clive Davis

Chief Vehicle Engineer

Photo of James Baker

James Baker

Assistant Project Engineer

Photo of Teck Sing Lim

Teck Sing Lim

Junior Engineer

Photo of Nerdeep Mann

Nerdeep Mann

Managing Director

Photo of Ben Flower

Ben Flower

Quality Lead

Photo of Charlie Flower

Charlie Flower

Quality Inspector

Photo of Josh Gilsenan

Josh Gilsenan

Operations Director

Photo of Fran Gonnella

Fran Gonnella

Engineering Project Manager

Photo of Nayara Gamboa

Nayara Gamboa

Senior CI Engineer

Photo of Lin Sheng Teoh

Lin Sheng Teoh

Junior Engineer

Photo of Faye Duckett

Faye Duckett

Marketing Manager

Why choose us?

At Encompass Engineering, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer  satisfaction.

With a team of highly skilled engineers, quality specialists and project managers, and a customer-centric approach ingrained in our culture, we go above and beyond to understand your unique requirements and deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs.

By working with us, you’re choosing a dedicated partner who is as invested in your success as you are.

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Our Values

At Encompass Engineering, our values form the foundation of everything we do. Integrity, honesty, innovation, and collaboration are at the core of our approach. We strive to deliver excellence in every project, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term success. We expect everyone at Encompass to embody these principles and uphold these values.

Inspiring the next generation of engineers

Encompass is built on the ethos of delivering a quality service with honesty and integrity. But one fundamental reason for the company’s existence is the belief that they must help, support and nurture the next generation of engineers.

For many years, Encompass has taken on graduates – helping them learn and develop their skill set within engineering. We have a responsibility to help support and develop the next generation of engineers and the innovative ideas and outlook they can bring to the table.

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Our Accreditations & Industry Affiliations

At Encompass Engineering, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, which is reflected in our accreditations and industry affiliations.

Our credentials demonstrate our commitment to maintaining the highest standards within the industries we operate, showcasing our expertise and credibility.

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Encompass has a great and in-depth knowledge of rail standards and provided useful insight into customers and their operations. They are very helpful with documentation and hardware, ensuring the quality of projects is maintained at a high level at all times. Encompass staff are well integrated with the Razor team, with quick responses, always helpful, great communication, and always collaborative.

— Alex Cowan, Chief Executive Officer, RazorSecure

Encompass Engineering has played a crucial role in our endeavours at West Midlands Trains, particularly during the implementation of our new Cl 196 fleet. Their unwavering support has proven invaluable, encompassing critical aspects such as technical assistance through modification reviews, testing witnessing, wayside engineering, and proficient project management to facilitate the integration of the units into passenger service. Their contribution has not only assisted us in overcoming challenges but has also significantly enhanced the depth of our capabilities when it mattered most.

— John Doughty, Engineering Director, West Midlands Trains

We were looking for additional timetable planning resources to support us with the planning of operational testing paths for our new train fleets. The engineer Encompass provided had the skills and experience that fitted the bill perfectly. As a result, we successfully planned testing paths across the west coast and west midlands routes, supporting the entry into service of our new fleets.

— Mike Hoptroff Head of Planning, Access & Timetable Strategy, West Midlands Trains

Encompass contributed towards the speedy review and feedback of design and maintenance information that has helped move the project forward.

— Rachel Turner Head of New Trains, Joint Project Manager EMR-BMU, East Midlands Trains

As the owner of the Class 717 fleet, we were pleased with the activities undertaken by Encompass Engineering during the audit, with the fleet having been in passenger service for approximately 5 years. The thorough inspections undertaken on a sample of the fleet have provided insight into the management by the TOC from both a physical asset and cleanliness perspective. These inspections, accompanied by the audit of Deferred Work, Overhaul Strategy, Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Owner Owned Spares Maintenance, has provided a valuable insight to the current condition and status of the fleet.

— James Herriott, Engineering Director, Rock Rail

Encompass Engineering supplied a skilled engineer who has proven to be a valuable, dedicated resource for this project, as well as for other projects they have successfully undertaken for the business. The engineer brought a wealth of knowledge and fully engaged with our workforce to ensure buy-in and transparent working.

— James Holmes, Business Excellence Manager, West Midlands Trains

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