New Class 720 fleet for Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia is in the process of updating its trains with a fleet of new class 720 trains. This innovative class of electric trains enhances the customer experience with under-floor heating, anti-trap doors, reactive LED lighting and fast onboard wi-fi.


Engineering Support & Project Management

Alstrom manufactured the trains, and Encompass Engineering was appointed the lead engineering team. We represented Greater Anglia when they commissioned the new trains - reviewing the rolling stock designs and documentation, making recommendations and providing Project Management support. Working closely with Alstrom, we monitored the production and building of the rolling stock at Alstrom's factory and reviewed the operating manuals and maintenance requirements.


Assurance Services

Once built, we undertook thorough assurance testing to ensure the train met the contractual and legal requirements and delivered the specific features and levels of comfort that Greater Anglia was particularly keen to achieve with this new fleet.


Infrastructure integration

The next stage will require us to complete the quality inspection and testing of the new train to ensure it is fit for purpose and seamlessly integrates with its environment. This is especially important given the innovative new features that have been built into the trains to help improve the passenger experience.