New Tube re-signalling

With the introduction of the new 'S' stock, it was decided that a new Automatic train control ATC system was to be installed with the associated infrastructure. After Metronet decided to re-visit the contract with Westinghouse, a process of re-tendering for the signalling part of the contract swung into action.

Over the past couple of years Encompass Engineering have been providing assistance in this work, providing an engineering and rolling stock input to the process.

The ATC system, will allow the new 'S' stock trains to drive in an automatic mode where the driver will act as a monitor for the train, ensuring door opening procedures are correct and that any issues are resolved expediently.

In a second mode, known as 'protected manual' the train driver will be able to drive the train under the supervision of the signalling system, keeping the train within safe working limits, but ensuring trains run more efficently.

With the use of an ATC system, train throughput through the centre of london could increase to 33 trains per hour, providing superior capacity to the current set up.