Rolling Stock

Our experienced teams of engineers and project managers work closely with our customers to plan, design and maintain rail systems to deliver safe and efficient solutions.

Our services include rolling stock consultancy, electrical and mechanical engineering, safety and assurance services, and system design. We can provide design, assurance, management and quality expertise for new and refurbished stocks.

Our detailed knowledge of train systems, their interactions and their function is unparalleled. We can provide all aspects of managing, engineering, assuring and progressing train build quality from start to finish.

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Safety & Assurance Testing

Every company is different, and that is why the assurance services we provide are tailored to a company's specific setup and project.

  • We will meet with you to assess how we can best assure the project you require

  • We ensure we have an informed base of knowledge, this means absorbing the requirements, applicable industry, and British and European standards that apply to the system/s being procured or built in-house.

  • We will provide the engineering expertise to allow the project management team to make informed decisions when required.

  • We will present our recommendations to the management team to make decisions on the best way forward.


Our understanding of the overground and underground rail networks is extensive. We have experience in working in various functions and projects and understand the Network Rail 'Guide to Railway Investment Projects' or GRIP. We have detailed knowledge of how the various organisations work and interact and, with our methods, we have been able to bring projects in on time and within budget.
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Electrical Engineering

One of Encompass Engineering's core areas of expertise is electrical engineering. We have a solid grounding in electrical principles, design and, when required, installation.

We can work through the documentation associated with electrical work and provide informed consultation on process and build monitoring. 

Our key areas are of expertise include:

  • Cable and connector review and advice
  • Electrical installation review
  • Electrical standards and compliance
  • Drawing up codes of practice and standards

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers are experts in the rail industry. They can advise, monitor and review the design, build, deployment and maintenance of new and refurbished rolling stock and support integration into the rail infrastructure.

Our tailored packages combine project management and engineering experience for all or part of a project - which means you have mechanical knowledge and expertise on-hand to test and provide recommendations during any part of your project. And this will all be managed by your Project Manager.

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Project Management

Encompass Engineering undertake project management activities on a daily basis. Working with other project management organisations, individual project managers, engineers and other disciplines.

Project management is an area Encompass Engineering also works in separately from the work we do in the engineering and quality areas. We can provide project management services as part of a work package incorporating the engineering activities or as a stand-alone service to companies and organisations.

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