Test Witness, Assurance & Verification

Our expert engineers have vast experience witnessing testing and providing assurance and validation services across many rail projects. We know the requirements of train systems and functionalities and when things are performing as expected.

Working closely with manufacturers, rail operators and train owners, our thorough processes and keen attention to detail ensure that our customers’ trains not only meet but exceed the required safety, performance and regulatory standards.

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Routine Test

Having staff on standby who understand test specifications, train systems, and requirements to witness lengthy and often monotonous testing can be a challenge to manufacturers, operators or owners.

Having dedicated resources for this activity is not only an additional overhead, but it can also be a challenge to fill the working days when no testing is required.

Our specifically trained engineers ensure that all testing is meticulously carried out and that the rolling stock components or systems operate as intended and meet safety and performance criteria.

Our test witnessing services provide the flexibility you need to plan tests and save on overhead costs with the added reassurance that the testing meets the correct specifications and legislation.

Our services include:

  • Regression software testing
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Door water testing
  • Climatic chamber testing
  • Multi-ops testing
  • PIS systems testing
  • Train functionality testing

Fault free running

Ensuring that trains and other railway vehicles operate without defects or malfunctions is crucial for safe, reliable, and efficient railway systems. Thorough testing during the manufacturing, commissioning, and operational phases of rolling stock is integral to ensure the products being developed meet the customer’s requirements and issues are resolved.

Our specialist team of train riders understand the requirements of fault-free running, are experienced in the typical hotspots to be aware of, and can work with all members onboard the train to ensure the fault-free running goes smoothly.

Our services include:

  • Train riding and witness
  • Fault-free running report writing- detailing all issues and logs
  • Management, planning and pathing
  • Client liaison and interface

Type test

Conducting train-type testing is a crucial step in guaranteeing that rolling stock complies with
safety, performance, and regulatory standards before its deployment on the railway network.

Whether you are a manufacturer, operator, or owner, this testing will give you the confidence that
the train units are performing exactly as intended.

Our experienced engineers and testers can witness these tests, providing assurances that they have been completed accurately and in full. We can author test documents and provide technical reviews and advice on enhancing specifications and processes.

Our services include:

  • Safety tests
  • Performance tests
  • Electrical and mechanical systems tests
  • Noise and vibration tests
  • Environmental Tests
  • Reliability and Maintenance Tests
  • Compatibility Tests
  • Regulatory Compliance

Factory acceptance testing

Having a resident engineer at the manufacturing facility to oversee all aspects of factory acceptance testing can be a costly overhead. But finding a suitable resource to represent your interests whilst working away from your business is no easy task.

Guaranteeing that each step of the manufacturing process is completed before the unit leaves the factory ensures a smooth transition to the next stages of the acceptance process.

Our team of experts can manage this activity for you, providing robust analysis and challenging specifications. We will witness and ensure the comprehensive testing of the entire train to ensure it meets the specified requirements and standards so it can advance to the next stage of the process with a clean bill of functionality.

Our services include:

  • Writing of factory acceptance testing specification
  • Factory acceptance testing specification reviews and feedback
  • Factory acceptance testing report writing
  • Factory acceptance testing report review and feedback
  • Factory acceptance testing witnessing of testing

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits include improved quality, reliability, and safety of products and processes, reduced risks and liabilities, enhanced customer satisfaction, compliance with regulations and standards, and increased confidence and trust from stakeholders.
Test witness, assurance & verification ensures that products, systems, and processes comply with applicable regulations, codes, and standards. By verifying compliance, test witness, assurance & verification helps organisations avoid penalties, fines, and legal liabilities associated with non-compliance.
Challenges may include resource constraints, complex regulatory requirements, evolving technologies, and coordination among multiple parties. These challenges can be addressed through proper planning, allocation of resources, training and skill development, and adoption of best practices and standards.


Encompass Engineering has played a crucial role in our endeavours at West Midlands Trains, particularly during the implementation of our new Cl 196 fleet. Their unwavering support has proven invaluable, encompassing critical aspects such as technical assistance through modification reviews, testing witnessing, wayside engineering, and proficient project management to facilitate the integration of the units into passenger service. Their contribution has not only assisted us in overcoming challenges but has also significantly enhanced the depth of our capabilities when it mattered most.

— John Doughty, Engineering Director, West Midlands Trains

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