Environmental & Sustainability

Every industry has an obligation to address its environmental and sustainable duties, minimise their impact on the environment and contribute to broader sustainability goals.

With our environmental and sustainability packages, we can help your business meet and exceed its environmental obligations while improving efficiencies that will save your business both time and money.

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Assessing the impact of the four pillars of sustainability, ‘Human, Social, Economic and Environmental’ and identifying the benefits they can bring your business is no simple task.

Often, the simplest sustainability practices are overlooked and pushed to one side. As outlined in the four pillars, Sustainability comes in all shapes but fundamentally all efforts feed into a concerted effort to leave the planet in a better place after we have gone.

Whether this is assessing your office to ensure simple measures such as energy-efficient appliances and lights are being used, or implementing more advanced strategies such as installing cutting-edge sensors and real-time data-capturing devices which feed into a customised sustainability dashboard – we can help transform your business.

Our services include:

  • Office and facility audits
  • Asset register and Equipment audit-
  • Company policies and procedures review

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  • Strategy creation
  • Current status reporting
  • KPI Dashboard Generation

Water Management

Making sure our environment and natural resources are in good hands has become increasingly crucial. While a lot of focus is rightly placed on reducing carbon emissions and exploring new energy solutions, it’s easy to overlook the vital aspect of water management.

When was the last time you took a closer look at your water consumption or conducted a risk assessment to understand how water scarcity might impact your operations? When did you last give your water use a thorough review to find ways to reduce waste? If these questions give you pause, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Our tailored water management services are designed to pinpoint wastage, implement efficiency improvements, identify business risks related to water usage, and recommend effective solutions.

Our services include:

  • Water usage business Review
  • Facilities review- identifying areas of improvement.
  • Impact and risk assessment generation

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  • Risk Mitigation proposals.
  • Current status Report
  • Water consumption KPI Dashboard

Noise & Vibration Management

Rail Operators have a duty of care to their staff, passengers and the wider community when it comes to the noise management of their fleet. This means adhering to health and safety regulations and minimising their impact on the surrounding community by actively reducing noise pollution and operating an efficient rail system.

As specialists in acoustics and through our work with the RSSB on their ‘A Quieter Railway’ project, our team is well equipped to help develop and enhance your noise management strategy and reporting KPI templates.

Our services include:

  • Noise strategy documentation creation
  • Noise reporting documentation creation
  • Noise policy & procedure guidance creation
  • Noise & complaints dashboards creation & reporting
  • Noise analysis management

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  • Noise risk assessments
  • Noise & vibration assessments
  • Noise reduction analysis and reviews
  • Noise impact assessments
  • Vibration monitoring

Carbon zero

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously at Encompass and are committed to making all industries more environmentally friendly.

When evaluating solutions for our customers, we always consider the environmental impact – aiming not only to reduce but completely eliminate carbon emissions from train operations.

To support this, we have created a carbon zero package designed to help train operators achieve their zero carbon targets. We can help you identify and transition to using cleaner energy sources, improve energy efficiency, and implement eco-friendly technologies and practices throughout your trains and operations. Our carbon zero services will enable you to run a cleaner, more sustainable fleet.

Our services include:

  • Full equipment engineering and performance review
  • Facility audit – identifying areas of waste
  • Engineering procurement support

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  • Battery and Electrical transition support
  • Alternative Energy project management
  • Sustainability Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Train operators have a responsibility to minimise their environmental impact, reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and contribute to a sustainable future. Prioritising environmental sustainability enhances corporate social responsibility, improves public perception, and aligns with regulatory requirements.
Train operating companies implement various initiatives such as transitioning to low-emission trains, adopting energy-efficient technologies, reducing waste generation, implementing recycling programs, and conserving water resources.
Environmental practices can lead to cost savings through reduced energy consumption, operational efficiencies, waste reduction, and regulatory compliance. Additionally, investing in sustainable technologies and practices can enhance long-term financial performance and resilience.

Case Studies

Rail Noise & Vibration Research Project for the RSSB

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) were tasked with developing a Sustainable Rail Blueprint.

The objective was to help those in the rail industry manage noise and vibration and they needed specialist support with the Quieter Railway Piece - so they engaged Encompass Engineering to help.

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