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Encompass Engineering – providing quality assurance engineering services since 2007

Experts in assurance, engineering and quality, we deliver exceptional client service with an unrelenting focus on value creation, innovation and operational excellence.

With specialist expertise in asset introduction and lifecycle management, quality assurance services, maintenance optimisation and depot continuous improvement projects, we provide solutions for even the most complex challenges.


Encompass Engineering has played a crucial role in our endeavours at West Midlands Trains, particularly during the implementation of our new Cl 196 fleet. Their unwavering support has proven invaluable, encompassing critical aspects such as technical assistance through modification reviews, testing witnessing, wayside engineering, and proficient project management to facilitate the integration of the units into passenger service. Their contribution has not only assisted us in overcoming challenges but has also significantly enhanced the depth of our capabilities when it mattered most.

— John Doughty Engineering Director, West Midlands Trains

Encompass has a great and in-depth knowledge of rail standards and provided useful insight into customers and their operations. They are very helpful with documentation and hardware, ensuring the quality of projects is maintained at a high level at all times. Encompass staff are well integrated with the Razor team, with quick responses, always helpful, great communication, and always collaborative.

— Alex Cowan, Chief Executive Officer, RazorSecure

Encompass contributed towards the speedy review and feedback of design and maintenance information that has helped move the project forward.

— Rachel Turner Head of New Trains, Joint Project Manager EMR-BMU, East Midlands Trains

We were looking for additional timetable planning resources to support us with the planning of operational testing paths for our new train fleets. The engineer Encompass provided had the skills and experience that fitted the bill perfectly. As a result, we successfully planned testing paths across the west coast and west midlands routes, supporting the entry into service of our new fleets.

— Mike Hoptroff Head of Planning, Access & Timetable Strategy, West Midlands Trains

As rolling stock owner, we would like to acknowledge the reliable quality assurance and vehicle inspection services provided by Encompass Engineering on our new-build rolling stock project in the UK. Their pragmatic approach, effective collaboration with the manufacturer and thorough inspection process have met our practical requirements. Encompass exhibited commitment to thorough due diligence, ongoing review of fleet modifications, technical open items, physical inspection of the vehicles and the associated paperwork. Encompass quality team provided efficient coordination of work and presence across five UK sites - Derby, Worksop, Wembley, Eastleigh, and Wimbledon – which reflects their helpful approach and reliability. We value Encompass Engineering for delivering dependable quality assurance services and recommend them as a pragmatic partner.

— Natalia Slavianskaia, Consultant, Rock Rail

Encompass Engineering supplied a skilled engineer who has proven to be a valuable, dedicated resource for this project, as well as for other projects they have successfully undertaken for the business. The engineer brought a wealth of knowledge and fully engaged with our workforce to ensure buy-in and transparent working.

— James Holmes, Business Excellence Manager, West Midlands Trains

As the owner of the Class 717 fleet, we were pleased with the activities undertaken by Encompass Engineering during the audit, with the fleet having been in passenger service for approximately 5 years. The thorough inspections undertaken on a sample of the fleet have provided insight into the management by the TOC from both a physical asset and cleanliness perspective. These inspections, accompanied by the audit of Deferred Work, Overhaul Strategy, Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Owner Owned Spares Maintenance, has provided a valuable insight to the current condition and status of the fleet.

— James Herriott Engineering Director , Rock Rail

Case Studies

Engineering Support for East Midlands Railway

East Midlands Railway are upgrading its ageing intercity fleet.

However, with design approvals presenting a greater challenge than expected, the Joint Project Manager required additional support to manage the technical activities to ensure compliance with specified requirements.

Planning Support for Operational Testing for West Midlands Trains

West Midlands Trains introduced a new fleet of class 196 units to replace their oldest diesel trains.

They required additional planning support to facilitate the operational testing of these new units, so they engaged Encompass Engineering to help.

Enhancing Asset Management for Rock Rail’s Class 717 Fleet

Rock Rail owns a fleet of 25 Class 717 units that has been serving passengers since 2019.

To protect their assets, Rock Rail wanted an independent specialist team to conduct inspections on these Siemens units - from both the physical unit and maintenance perspective. The project would provide insight into whether or not agreed-upon maintenance procedures were being adhered to.

Rail Noise & Vibration Research Project for the RSSB

The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) were tasked with developing a Sustainable Rail Blueprint.

The objective was to help those in the rail industry manage noise and vibration and they needed specialist support with the Quieter Railway Piece - so they engaged Encompass Engineering to help.

A Route Cause Analysis for West Midlands Trains

Experiencing persistent issues with tool calibration, West Midlands Trains sought to identify the issue, prevent future instances and bring them in line with required standards.

They wanted a fresh perspective and expert support, so they engaged Encompass Engineering to perform a comprehensive GEMBA walk to identify potential challenges and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consultants help rail operators optimise asset performance and maintenance practices to improve reliability, reduce downtime, and extend the life of infrastructure and rolling stock. This includes developing maintenance plans, implementing condition monitoring systems, and conducting lifecycle cost analysis.
Independent quality assurance services analyse operational processes, performance metrics, and feedback to identify opportunities for improvement. They develop recommendations, assist in implementing changes, and monitor outcomes to ensure sustained improvement in safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
Engaging an independent quality assurance service helps rail operators enhance safety, reliability, and efficiency. It provides an objective perspective on operations, identifies potential risks or weaknesses, facilitates continuous improvement, and instills confidence among stakeholders, including passengers and regulatory authorities.

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