We provide specialist engineering services, delivering customised solutions to meet your needs. Conducting complex analysis and design, we ensure regulatory compliance, manage projects, mitigate risks, and drive continuous improvement.

Our services can play a crucial role in tackling complex challenges, implementing innovative solutions, and optimising processes across your operations. By leveraging our expertise, creativity, and dedication, we can help you achieve your goals and stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.

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New Product Introduction

Introducing new assets represents a substantial endeavour for any operator, owner, or manufacturer. Successfully managing these intricate projects demands a wealth of expertise to ensure they meet deadlines and stay within budget constraints.

From bidding for the contract to the design phase or material procurement and inspection all the way through to manufacture, test and commissioning, the journey can be challenging and require additional support at varying stages of the project.

Our team of professionals boasts extensive experience in this field, offering support across diverse industries. We strive to ensure the new rolling stock is a considerably better solution than the existing fleets they are replacing.

Our specialist engineers seamlessly integrate with the large project teams across the operators and manufacturers, helping connect the dots and resolve complex challenges.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Engineering support
  • Complete design reviews
  • Requirements Management
  • Manufacturing support
  • Production line quality inspections

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  • First article inspection
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Customer liaison
  • Engineering change management
  • Networking testing and validation

Requirements Management

Effective requirements management serves as a roadmap for delivering successful projects that meet client expectations, adhere to industry standards, and achieve desired outcomes.

By carefully eliciting, analysing, documenting, validating, managing, and tracing requirements, we can help you to optimise resources, and ensure the quality and success of your engineering solutions. From initial concept development to final system delivery, our services enhance project transparency, mitigate risks, and ultimately deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of your operations.

Our services include:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Requirement analysis
  • Requirement traceability
  • Change management
  • Verification & validation
  • Compliance management

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  • Interface management
  • Configuration management
  • Documentation management
  • Design requirement management
  • Day in the life of (DITLO) activities

Operational Technology Cyber Security

Cyberattacks can be financially and operationally devastating for organisations – not to mention the reputational damage they can bring. It’s crucial that rail companies implement safeguards and protection measures in case they become a target.

We have extensive experience helping our customers navigate the cyber security challenges in the operational environment. By guiding them through a structured assessment framework, we help our customers develop a thorough understanding of potential vulnerabilities and the associated risks.

Our cybersecurity expertise and in-depth engineering knowledge make us well-placed to ensure that in the event of a cyberattack, you deliver a response that is both effective and proportionate to the threat, maintaining safety with minimal operational disruption.

Our Cybersecurity Services include

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Security architecture design
  • Security policy development
  • Vulnerability management
  • Security monitoring and incident response
  • Compliance and regulatory support

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  • Security testing and assessment
  • Security awareness training
  • Vendor and supply chain security
  • Incident response planning & exercises
  • Security integration services

System Integration

Our team of specialist engineers have the knowledge and experience to manage the complex process of integrating various subsystems, components, and technologies within a system to ensure seamless operation and performance.

By leveraging our expertise in planning, design, testing, and compliance, we can assist you in delivering a cohesive and efficient system that seamlessly works together to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation service and meet the needs of your key stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • Integration planning
  • Interface management
  • Integration testing
  • Configuration management

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  • Verification and validation
  • Safety and reliability engineering
  • Documentation management
  • Commissioning and deployment support

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing engineering assurance consultancy services allows organisations to access specialised expertise, leverage external perspectives, and focus internal resources on core activities. It provides flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring that projects meet quality standards and regulatory requirements.
Outsourcing requirements management allows organisations to avoid the overhead costs associated with hiring and training internal staff. Additionally, outsourcing providers may operate in regions with lower labor costs, resulting in overall cost savings for the organisation.
Specialist engineers can add value in various areas, including optimising product performance, enhancing user experience, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, implementing advanced technologies, and overcoming technical hurdles that may arise during the development process.


Encompass has a great and in-depth knowledge of rail standards and provided useful insight into customers and their operations. They are very helpful with documentation and hardware, ensuring the quality of projects is maintained at a high level at all times. Encompass staff are well integrated with the Razor team, with quick responses, always helpful, great communication, and always collaborative.

— Alex Cowan, CEO, RazorSecure

Encompass Engineering has played a crucial role in our endeavours at West Midlands Trains, particularly during the implementation of our new Cl 196 fleet. Their unwavering support has proven invaluable, encompassing critical aspects such as technical assistance through modification reviews, testing witnessing, wayside engineering, and proficient project management to facilitate the integration of the units into passenger service. Their contribution has not only assisted us in overcoming challenges but has also significantly enhanced the depth of our capabilities when it mattered most.

— John Doughty, Engineering Director, West Midlands Trains

Case Studies

Supporting West Midlands Trains with CAF 196 Fleet Acquisition

West Midlands Trains (WMT) has introduced a new fleet to increase capacity on some of its routes.

Encountering various engineering challenges along the way, to help complete the project, they needed additional engineering technical support and brought in Encompass Engineering to help.

Engineering Support for East Midlands Railway

East Midlands Railway are upgrading its ageing intercity fleet.

However, with design approvals presenting a greater challenge than expected, the Joint Project Manager required additional support to manage the technical activities to ensure compliance with specified requirements.

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