Our Services

We provide quality consultancy and advisory services for the rail industry. Our experienced team of specialist engineers and project managers work closely with our customers to deliver detailed reviews of rolling stock designs to ensure they meet contractual, legal, and quality standards and seamlessly integrate with the rail infrastructure. Our vigorous and comprehensive testing ensures you get safe, efficient solutions that are fit for purpose.

Railway Operations

We can support in all aspects of diagramming and rostering and provide temporary resources to cover staff shortages in all areas of operational planning.

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Maintenance & Depots

We work to ensure your rolling stock meets the contractual and legal requirements and the standard of comfort you want to deliver your customers.


Environmental Services

We can ensure you meet the environmental rules & regulations and health & safety standards relating to noise and vibration and cyber security requirements.


Project Management

Our experienced Project Managers can manage all or part of a project. From monitoring rolling stock design to integration with its infrastructure, we have the skills and expertise to deliver projects of the highest standards.

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Cyber Security

We can evaluate design, review the modifications and then test and validate the mitigations to minimise the threats and risk of a cyber attack, giving you the best platform to keep your fleet secure and safeguard your reputation.


Specialist Engineering

Our experienced engineers can monitor, review and advise on the design, build, deployment and maintenance of new and refurbished assets, work through documentation, and provide recommendations.


Quality Assurance

We assess how we can best assure the project you require and provide the engineering expertise and recommendations so you can make informed decisions on the best way forward.

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New Rolling Stock

Our specialist engineers are experts in rolling stock - from introducing new assets onto a network to test witnessing, assurance and verification - we have the skills and experience to get your fleet up and running.

About us

Founded in 2007, Encompass Engineering has supported customers with engineering expertise for 15 years. Our team of experienced Project Managers and specialist Engineers work closely with our customers to deliver in-depth testing and quality services. Our diligence, professionalism, and open, honest approach mean we build long-term partnerships with our customers and provide services of the highest standard.

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Experienced Specialists

Our highly skilled Project Management & Engineering teams specialise in rolling stock, rail infrastructure, electrical & mechanical engineering, and safety & assurance services.


Respected Internationally

With offices in the UK, North America and Canada, we have successfully delivered projects for many international customers and have a firm foothold in overseas markets.



Our agile approach means we are able to mobilise our specialists and adapt to requirements to ensure we deliver solutions of the highest quality, on time and within budget.

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